About Me

I’ve navigated the web development world for 2 years launching startups for my friend’s using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. And I have extensive experience with React.js for 3+ years and its associated framework such as Next.js.

I'm passionate about web development and user-friendly web application and a firm believer in the mobile-first approach.

I work hard, honest and I care about writing clean codes and high-quality web apps. I'm extremely keen for learning new things about programming and my goals are to become a MERN stack and React Native developer.

I'm a Linux lover but currently I'm using Windows! Although I'm using WSL and my favorite distros are Debian GNU/Linux and Arch.

I also have a Network plus and CCNA certificate from Cando School in Tehran.

  • Full Name: Amirreza Kadkhodazadeh
  • Phone: +98 920-988-9625
  • Age: 30
  • Email: amirreza.dev@protonmail.com
  • Languages: JavaScript | TypeScript
  • Design patterns: Observer | Singleton | Strategy | Decorator
  • Databases: Firebase | Mongo DB
  • Operating system and networking: Linux (Debian, Arch, Fedora) | Network plus | CCNA
  • Bilingual languages: Persian | English | Italian
  • Residence: Karaj / Iran
  • Social:

Core Competencies

  • Scrum/Agile Methodologies
  • React Hooks
  • SSR, CSR
  • Data fetching (Axios, React query, Zustand)
  • From generators (Formik, React Hook Form)
  • Routing (App router, React Router)
  • Testing (Cypress.io)
  • Source controls (GitHub)
  • CSS preprocessor (SASS/SCSS, Styled-components)
  • Charting libraries (Reachrts, Chart.js)
  • Linux desktop operating system
  • UI frameworks (Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Material-UI, Chakra-UI, Ant design)

Professional Experience

IST Groups

Tehran, Iran

Our project utilizes React with Next.js v14.1.0 and TypeScript v5.2.2 for efficient, type-safe development. We integrate Mantine v7x for a consistent design system and Zustand for streamlined state management. Additionally, we leverage Chart.js to visualize data effectively within our application.

Feb 2021 - present

DAYA Soft GmbH

Remote (Germany)

Our company had two dashboards one build with React and the other one build with Next.js and TypeScript which the UI designed by UI/UX team we used Redux for state management and Formik for form generator.

Nov 2020 - Feb 2021


Karaj, Iran

We designed and develop websites for businesses and other companies that need new website.

Sep 2019 - Jan 2020

Working as freelancer


That time I developed several websites but it's not worth to mention because they're very old or out of service.

2012 - 2015